Action for Conservation

Action for Conservation


It's a scary thought - that if children and young people lose contact with nature, they are less likely to fight to protect it as they get older. It's this thought that drives the work of Action for Conservation, a UK charity that aims to empower young people to take action to protect the environment.

Through their residential conservation camps and WildED workshops run in schools, the charity set out to inspire, educate and reconnect children with the wonders of the natural world. But this is about more than just education and reconnection. It's about action, as children are encouraged to pitch ideas for, and initiate their own conservation projects.

Why we think they're great

This charity has foresight and that's unique. They see the seriousness of a world in which people aren't engaged with nature and they're acting on it while we still have time. Through a belief in young people to drive change, and by making workshops accessible to all kids, regardless of circumstance, they're creating a youth movement committed to conservation.

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