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We won't be able to avert the climate crisis unless we embrace sustainable ways of living and consuming, while also pushing for systemic change. To achieve this we must put pressure on businesses and governments to invest in solutions and implement strategies that prioritise climate change and sustainability.

For instance, £13 billion of edible food is thrown away from homes every year, and a further £3 billion from the hospitality and food sector. Estimates suggest that companies are responsible for 71% of carbon emissions, and governments can and must play a powerful role both in holding businesses to account and in taking decisive action to prioritise the environment. The Government needs to avert its funds from destructive environmental practices, and invest heavily in climate-friendly plans.

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While the world is waking up to environmental issues, it often feels like governments and big corporations are dragging their heels and threatening progress. It's for this reason, ClientEarth was founded.

In their own words, these guys are focused on 'informing, implementing and enforcing environmental law' around the world. By exposing lawbreakers and holding governments to account, they've had a huge impact on issues such as forest protection and the acceleration of clean energy solutions.

A few of their victories include winning court cases on air pollution in the UK, fighting to have the hormone-disrupting chemical BPA listed as a harmful substance and designing the world's first illegal logging law.

Why we think they're great

We're big believers in individuals making a difference. But we also know that for change to happen on a planet-saving scale, we need the big guns on board too. ClientEarth has the expertise to change our system from within and that's why they're so impressive.

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Hubbub Foundation


Think about it - twenty years ago things like veganism, recycling and reusable coffee cups were considered pretty kooky. But over time, as we, the public, have become more environmentally aware, they've gone mainstream.

Hubbub is a group of self-professed 'doers' all about empowering the mainstream to change their habits for the sake of the environment. Through creative design and clever campaigns rolled out in collaboration with big businesses and local authorities, they're making a seismic shift in the way we live our lives. Standout projects include their cigarette butt ballot bins used to cut littering and their Pumpkin Rescue campaign encouraging us to think about food waste.

Why we think they're great

We love Hubbub for their creativity. Whether they're trying to tackle plastic pollution in our oceans, food waste or fast fashion, their campaigns are fun and attention-grabbing. It's their playfulness that gets the mainstream on board, and it's the mainstream that will have the biggest impact on saving our planet.

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