Social Change & Sustainability

We won't be able to avert the climate crisis unless we both embrace innovative and sustainable ways of living and consuming, while also pushing for deep structural change. To achieve this it's necessary to put pressure on businesses and governments to invest in solutions and implement strategies that prioritise climate change and sustainability.

For instance, £13 billion of edible food is thrown away from homes every year, and a further £3 billion from the hospitality and food sector. Estimates suggest that companies are responsible for 71% of carbon emissions, and governments can and must play a powerful role both in holding businesses to account and in taking decisive action to prioritise the environment. The Government needs to avert its funds from destructive environmental practices, and invest heavily in climate-friendly plans.

2 Charities

Tythe supports these social change & sustainability charities, selected by experts because of their high impact.

Client Earth

Client Earth


As one of the most prominent enforcers and drafters of environmental protection laws, ClientEarth provides legal assistance to those who don't have access, promotes education on environmental rights and responsibilities, and conducts research.


  • Europe's oldest forest, Bialowieza, saved from destructive logging.

Hubbub Foundation


Hubbub is an expert in environmental behaviour change. Hubbub partners with major corporations, charities and social enterprises to create imaginative environmental campaigns that inspire people to make healthier, greener lifestyle choices. Hubbub also coordinates the world's biggest Community Fridge Network, offering free support to groups to set up their community fridge.


  • 780 tonnes of unused food redistributed.
  • 5,000,000 coffee cups collected & recycled.
  • 52,000 items of outgrown baby clothes redistributed.
  • 100 community fridges running around the UK.
  • 20 million people encouraged to think differently about their relationship to the environment.

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