Tythe is a non-profit initiative from The EQ Foundation, a charitable foundation based in London. We believe passionately in trying to create a fairer and more sustainable world and we've given more than £1m to impactful charities. We also set up Giving is Great to share charity data and provide advice to donors who want to give more effectively.

Tythe was originally conceived by Worthwhile Applications - creators of the open source CharityBase and experienced web app developers. We're joining forces to build Tythe together, strictly as a charitable project, using our collective expertise in impact evaluation, grantmaking and tech.

Eco-anxiety -> Impact

More and more of us are realising that tackling the environmental crisis is an urgent priority, but beyond changing our individual behaviours it's hard to know how best to help.

There are thousands of charities to consider supporting, and trying to work out what they all do and which are the most effective is a huge job. As a grantmaker, that's been our job for years and we've made considerable progress through independent research.

We're proud to share our learnings and recommend some high impact charities. But we also want to make it easy for anyone to support the cause with us, no matter who you are.

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