Helping Ukraine - 100% Donor Matching

Introducing a new fund of highly respected charities active in Ukraine which don't benefit from the DEC appeal

25th March 2022

Dan KwiatkowskiDan Kwiatkowski


It's been a month since Putin invaded Ukraine. As we're presented with daily evidence of the appalling hardship being faced by people in the country and those who have fled, most of us are stimulated to try to alleviate their suffering. Although Tythe is focussed on supporting climate action, we're part of The EQ Foundation (EQF) which has wider philanthropic aims and a number of you have asked what the best way of helping is.

After listening to experienced professionals on the ground, the clear message is that there's an overwhelming preference for donations in the form of cash, not goods. Some of the most urgent needs are:

  • getting food, medical supplies and medical professionals to areas under attack
  • providing protection and basic supplies to refugees who have crossed into neighbouring countries

Over £200 million has already been raised by Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) for a group of 15 well known charities, including Action Aid and Save the Children. This is a great response, however there are many other worthy organisations who provide relief such as emergency medical care, support for children trapped in orphanages, and serving meals to those in Ukraine and those who have fled to neighbouring countries.

To show our support we've created a fund of 7 highly respected charities active within Ukraine which do not benefit from the DEC appeal, and EQF is matching all donations 100%, so for every £ you give, EQF will contribute the same - up to £1k per donation. Since creating the fund a week ago, we've raised £26,845 including £13,300 matched funding.

If you want to make a difference to the families impacted by these tragic events, and maximise your impact by taking advantage of the donor matching offer, we invite you to make a one-off donation to the fund:

Your donation will be made to The EQ Foundation who will then distribute it entirely to the 7 selected charities (+ matching and Gift Aid where appropriate). Wherever possible the donations will be directed to the Ukraine appeal of each charity.