Blue marine

Blue Marine Foundation


Blue Marine Foundation (BLUE) is dedicated to restoring the ocean to health, using a combination of top-down interventions to improve governance of our seas and bottom-up project delivery to help local communities at the front line of ocean conservation.

Areas of intervention

  • Marine protected areas (MPAs) - Securing MPAs will ensure the protection of 30% of the ocean by 2030. BLUE is also restoring those habitats to help revive vulnerable species and sequester carbon.
  • Sustainable fishing - BLUE's development of sustainable models, alongside their highlighting of poor practices, is proving that low-impact fishing benefits marine life as well as local fishers and communities.


  • Secured commitments to protect over 4 million km2 of ocean. This includes 100% of the waters around Ascension Island - the largest fully protected marine reserve in the Atlantic.
  • In 2019 electric pulse fishing was banned in EU waters after BLUE's campaigning
  • BLUE has released millions of oyster larvae into UK waters which is improving water quality and attracting declining species such as sea bass back into the ecosystem.

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