Clean Air Task Force

Clean Air Task Force


Clean Air Task Force have taken on the challenge of trying to change a $25 trillion global energy system in a very short space of time. Thankfully their crack team of scientists, engineers, lawyers and policy experts are well positioned to do so.

In order to revolutionise the energy industry, CATF have their fingers in several pies. Their work supports innovative scientific research into carbon capture technology, advanced nuclear energy and bio energy while simultaneously advocating for global pollution control. By working together with governments and businesses alike, they’re able to provide direction and counsel on best environmental practice while also promoting new policy initiatives and financial incentives for the uptake of new technologies.

Why we think they’re great

There is a real sense of urgency behind everything these folk do. They reiterate the point that we don’t have time to experiment with ideas and with that in mind, they’re funneling substantial investment into proven technological innovation now. These people are all about putting things into action fast and for that we take our hats off.

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