Light is essential for life but without access to electricity, 548 million people across sub-Saharan Africa are resorting to dangerous, polluting alternatives like kerosene lamps and crude oil candles.

In response, SolarAid has pioneered a simple solution with a huge impact. By working together with local communities, the project has provided solar lights to homes, schools and hospitals. In real terms, that means 12,300,000 people now have access to clean, safe, solar light and 2,400,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions has been averted.

Their sights are now set on lighting up every home, school and clinic in Africa by 2030 using safe, clean, solar power.

Why we think they're great

SolarAid's mantra is 'trade not aid' and that's what sets them apart from other organisations. Rather than gifting solar lights on a traditional charitable basis, they've created a sustainable local market for solar lights, through their social enterprise, Sunny Money. In doing so, they've given local people ownership over the sale of lights, have built trust in renewable energy and have created resilient local economies.

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